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How to embed a Flickr slideshow

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There are many ways to create a slideshow for your website or blog, but the easiest way has got to be using Flickr, the photo sharing website.

The beauty of this method for developers, is that your clients can upload thier own photos which are automatically updated and pulled into the site.

Clients enjoy the ability to update their content, without having to pay a web designer.

Embed flickr slideshow walkthrough

  • Create a flickr account
  • Upload photos
  • Create a new Set
  • Select > View Slideshow
  • Select > Share
  • Select > Grab embed HTML
  • Paste code

That's it. What could be simpler? Well not a lot - here's a list of other sites showing you ways to embed a slideshow into your website or blog.

They all take a bit of rummaging around with code and IDs

And none of them have the gorgeous full screen mode.

Why make more work, when flickr has already done it for you?

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