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Free Links


Links are vitally important to the page rankings of any website - the more links to yours will put you above the competition. Here's a list of Free Directories where you can submit your site and gain a backlink.

Free links & link building

Search engines have complicated algorithms for assessing a site, but one aspect is vital - how many sites have links (called 'backwards links', or 'backlinks' in the trade) to your website.

The more sites that link to yours the better, however it's not simply a numbers game, the quality of the links is also important.

• The more popular the site is that has your link, the greater that link is valued.

• Where the link is positioned on the site also plays a part: obviously the home page has the greatest value

• The context of the link is also rated, is it part of massive list, or prominently placed on its own?

Backlinks from directories

There are many ways to build up your portfolio of links, but the first approach is directories. You can submit your site free directories which we have listed. Simply click on the link, find the appropriate category for your business and complete the apllication.

If a description is required, make sure it is concise with minimal adjectives and full of key search phrases.

It is a slow and painful processes, which you can complete yourself if the directory doesn't require a link from your site, or we can do it for you.

(Also see CSS Web Design Gallery links).

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