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"Within eight weeks of launch, the results were dramatic. The extensive use of photography, prestigious design and search engine optimisation are generating several quality enquiries each and every day."

Sarah Spearing, Director, Universal Dance Creations

Fluid Layout – which automatically adjusts to fit the full width of the browser screen.

Newsletter – There's no business, like repeat business…and UDC subscribers are kept up to date with the latest events and new services. Our fully automated data-base management system is complaint with privacy and anti-spamming laws.

Pictures – Over 300 shots on this site, all have been optimized for fast downloading.

Video downloads – Footage was extracted from existing video and DV tape, re-edited, and converted into a series of Windows Media Player files to download from the site.

DVD – Re-edited footage was also converted to DVD format with menu. DVDs, covers, cases were designed, printed and burnt.

Brochure / E-Brochure– A corporate brochure designed, written and printed, then also converted into PDF format to download from the site.

Logo design / Stationery – Corporate ID design and print.

Universal Dance Creations

UDC (Universal Dance Creations), is a theatre dance company servicing the entertainment and corporate events industry.

As UDC's clients are world-wide, the website is key to attracting customers and winning new business.

Search engine optimisation, link building and content, were vital to getting page 1 rankings for a wide variety of search phrases.

Web design services

Additional services

  • Logo design
  • Stationery & E-stationery design
  • Artwork

Special features

  • Flash animation
  • Picture gallery
  • Google maps
  • Google Business Centre

Website Build & Accessibility Standards

  • W3C Valid XHTML 1.1
  • W3C Valid CSS
  • Accessibility: Triple A compliant

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