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"As a start up freelancer I know a good website is a requirement these days and I searched via google and scanned various sites and profiles.

What impressed me about Fred Campbell's Northstar was his own site was stylish, visually appealing, informative withour being too heavy on text and a bit savvy too.

When we spoke on the 'phone he was not pushy and seemed composed and competent which transpired in his work for me.

Archer and Stone was given added status by his thoughtful design, layout and effective use of graphics.

I wasn't quick at providing content (busy life) but he was patient and the end result at is great. I would recommend Fred at Northstar heartily and expect others to get an equally good service."

Karl Collingwood-Thirlway, Archer & Stone

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Archer + Stone is a new business start-up for a firm of Health & Safety consultants, specialising in Legionella Risk Assesment (the bacteria that cause Legionairres' Disease).

The client provided all copy and photography, and Northstar advised on the styling which would reflect a professional company.

As the budget was very limited, a simple and clean design was created, making the most of graphic background to add impact.

As they cover such a wide range of buildings in their portfolio of services, a flash introducion video was made to convey what no single image could do.

Even though the budget was low, the site was build to the highest international standards for accessibility.

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